Building our community
by leading a fair, local, &
clean energy transition


Help Local Economy

To positively affect the local economy by retaining energy dollars in Allamakee County.

Slow Climate Change

To slow climate change by promoting wise energy use. 

Facilitate Fair Access

To facilitate fair access to clean and local energy.

Energy District News

Allamakee Energy District Hires Interim Outreach and Engagement Coordinator 

Allamakee Energy District has added James Martin-Schramm as Interim Outreach and Engagement Coordinator to facilitate several initiatives over the ...
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Where green meets green: Allamakee Energy District hosts clean energy tour

The best way to save money on energy is not to spend it. That’s why the newly formed ...
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Allamakee County Community Foundation supports energy district formation

"Impassioned Allamakee County residents have convened to form the Allamakee County Energy District, a grassroots effort to facilitate energy ...
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Local residents working together toward forming an Allamakee Energy District

"Pursuing renewable, clean energy isn’t just about the environment. It’s also about keeping money in the community. Conservation, ...
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